A car has hit the central reservation on the M4 in an accident involving two cars and a lorry.

The vehicle is understood to have gone from the westbound side to the eastbound side at around junction 37 near the A4229 for Pyle.

There is also a spillage on the road as a result of the incident.

There are major delays to traffic in the area with queuing traffic across all three lanes of the carriageway going west. One lane is currently closed eastbound.

Traffic monitoring systems are reporting that it is likely that lane three in both directions will have to be closed to repair the central reservation.

Traffic is queuing eastbound on the M4 from junction 37 to Eglwys Nunydd Reservoir.

South Wales Fire and Rescue have said on social media that they are attending the scene.

Lane re-opened

Lane three has re-opened after an earlier incident where a car reportedly collided in to the central reservation.

Traffic is beginning to clear in the area.

One lane currently closed

One lane is closed eastbound after a vehicle is understood to have collided with the central reservation.

Cameras are showing traffic queuing across all lanes eastbound.

Traffic monitoring systems say it is likely that the third lane will be closed in both directions for repairs.

Cameras show delays in the area

Traffic cameras show long delays in the area.

This is the M4 camera between J37 and J38 at Kenfig, between Pyle and Margam.

There are considerable delays on the eastbound of the carriageway with queuing traffic in all three lanes.