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Little People’s Audrey Roloff films son Bode,1, drinking water from hose after star was ripped for ‘cruel’ swim lessons

LITTLE People, Big World's Audrey Roloff filmed her son Bode drinking water from a hose after the star was ripped for "cruel" swim lessons.

The adorable tot cooled down in the hot sunshine with a slurp from the huge garden hose.

The 1-year-old stood in his soaked green t-shirt as he drank from the hose.

His doting mom, Audrey, posted the video on her Instagram Stories.

In another clip he stood alongside his big sister, Ember, who wore a purple dress.

She captioned it: "Doesn't want to share though."

Her video comes just days after Audrey was slammed as "cruel" and "disgusting" by fans for sharing daily videos of her toddler son "drowning" at a controversial swim lesson.


The LPBW star had previously defended the new method as "super-important" in case her child falls in the pool unsupervised.

Audrey, 30, took to social media last week to share yet another ISR swim lesson with her one-year-old son Bode.

The ex TV star videotaped the tot being dropped into the pool fully clothed as he screamed and waded his way to the surface.

Audrey addressed the controversial nature of the new anti-drowning method, as she claimed the skills they are learning are "worth" the tears.


However, her followers have been horrified by the videos as they've ripped the mom of two for causing her son to be "fearful."

Audrey added some fan reactions to her stories as well, as she's gauged the public's response to ISR.

"I will never understand this. While this method might save lives, so does taking good care of your child," one wrote scathingly.

Another urged: "Put a gate around your pool and take care of your kid. And teach them how to swim when they're old enough to know you're not trying to harm them, like Ember's age.

"Having them go through this amount of trauma is DISGUSTING. This is a wonderful way of instilling fear and insecurity in your baby."

Audrey, who is currently pregnant, has been sharing Bode's progress in learning how to float through ISR swim lessons over the last week.

She registered her son and her daughter Ember, three, to participate in five-minute classes for five days a week for up to six weeks.

Though Audrey admitted that Bode's crying was "hard" to watch, she insisted the lessons are "worth it."

"Our instructor always says screaming is good at this age cause then you know they are breathing and you can hear them if they do ever get in a situation where they fall in," she told fans.

Audrey Roloff shows her son Bode in the pool during infant swimming lessons

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