An enterprising little boy disguised himself with a baby shark costume to try and sneak past his mother and go see his friend during lockdown. Jalen Feimster decided to don the cute blue outfit to try and give his mother Christine the slip outside their home in Ponchatoula, Louisiana, on Wednesday.

And the youngster’s cunning plan almost worked, with Christine briefly cooing over what she assumed was a young neighbor in the cute suit – until she realized it was Jalen.

She shared her son’s comical deception on Facebook, writing: ‘I’m scrolling thru Facebook and notice a post with pictures about Baby Shark in our neighborhood.. I’m like oh someone has a costume like Jalen…then it hit me…that’s Jalen in the costume.



‘He’s been asking everyday if he can go play with his friends and I keep telling him no it’s not safe right now….so the other day when he walked past me with the Shark costume in his hand, I’m thinking him and Jae in the garage clowning around as usual…but no, he decided to put on the costume and walk the neighborhood so he can see his friends and wave at them. I don’t know if I should be mad or just laugh with this lil dude.’

Jalen’s ruse was busted by his older sister Jae, who he was out walking with, with the youngster never at risk of coming to any harm.

His mother’s worries are well-founded, with Louisiana a current coronavirus hotspot. The Southern state has seen over 16,000 diagnoses and close to 600 Covid-19 deaths.

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