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Lines of riot police protect home of George Floyd death cop Derek Chauvin after protesters urge ‘kill pig cops’

RIOT police formed a human shield around the home of the disgraced former Minnesota cop Derek Chauvin who has been accused of killing George Floyd.

A heavy stream of around 150 protesters have been outside Chauvin's home holding signs and chanting "f*** the police" for three days, resulting in officers calling in the armed riot police.

Chauvin hasn't been seen at the house since the story broke that he was the police officer who was filmed kneeling on the neck of George Floyd who repeatedly said that he couldn't breathe before he lost consciousness and died.

Around 20 cops holding batons stood outside and watched the crowd, but someone had managed to scrawl "kill pigs cops" in red spray paint on his garage door before being stopped.

The protesters have mainly been civil, sitting on the ground holding signs but they have been very vocal - shouting abuse at the line of feds.

Messages have been chalked on the road and onto Chauvin's driveway, many reading "murderer" and "murderer lives here".

One protester who walked too close to the cops was shot at and hit with a rubber bullet that hit him straight in the groin - causing him to topple over in pain.

Minutes later, another protester, Michael Kjnaas, 25, approached the barricade and was also shot in the genitals with a paintball.

Kjnaas told "The cop hit me in the nuts. I was just stepping on the grass. I was 30 feet away from them

"They shot me in the d***. I didn't have anything in my hands. On a scale of one to 10, the pain is probably an 8. It was a good shot."

The police told protesters to leave the area as it was an "unlawful assembly", so the group just moved across the street.

Chauvin had his knee pressed into Floyd's neck for eight minutes while he arrested him, despite video footage showing Floyd to be compliant as he was arrested for using a counterfeit $20 bill in Minneapolis.

I am not a prosecutor, but let me be clear. The arresting officer killed someone. He'd be alive today if he were white.

Mayor Jacob Frey

George Floyd can be heard begging the officer to get off, sobbing: "please man, I can't breathe".

A passerby calls to the police officer: "Why you got him down at least let him breathe, man."

The 46-year-old was then rushed to hospital where he later died.

The four officers involved in George Floyd's arrest were fired yesterday.

They were publically named as Derek Chauvin, Thomas Lane, Tou Thao and J Alexander Kueng.

Authorities had claimed that Floyd was resisting arrest but new footage on Wednesday cast serious doubt over those claims - showing two cops dragging Floyd from his car as he appeared to be following the officers' orders.

Mayor Jacob Frey said the firings were "the right call" on Twitter.

The mayor said he considers Floyd's killing to be murder and has publically called for Chauvin to face arrest.

"I am not a prosecutor, but let me be clear. The arresting officer killed someone. He'd be alive today if he were white."

"The facts that I've seen, which are minimal, certainly lead me down the path that race was involved.

Images from the city in Minnesota show smoldering buildings, shattered windows, and remnants of fires lit as protesters descended upon the city, furious over Floyd's death.

Those protesting Floyd's death had initially gathered at the intersection where Floyd died and at the Minneapolis Police Department's 3rd Precinct.

Hours later, the Lake and Hiawatha areas had descended into total chaos, with looting, violence, and fires.

At least one under construction apartment block was reported to have been burned down - and a factory also caught fire.

Other unverified reports have claimed businesses such as Target, Wendy's, and Aldi were also torched.

Protests also spread to other US cities — including in California and Tennessee.

In Los Angeles, hundreds of people blocked a freeway and shattered windows of California Highway Patrol cruisers.

While in Memphis, local police blocked a main thoroughfare after a racially mixed group of protesters gathered outside a police precinct.

Later in the night, police wore riot gear as protesters stood shoulder-to-shoulder in front of officers, who were stationed behind a barricade.

Minneapolis police spokesperson John Elder said on Tuesday, demonstrators "were chanting for things to remain peaceful."

“Tonight didn’t have the same feel. And that’s sad," he said.

Amid the violence, a man was found fatally shot on Wednesday night near a pawn shop, possibly by the owner, authorities said.

Fire crews responded to about 30 intentionally set blazes during the protests, including at least 16 structure fires.

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