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Line of Duty viewers convinced DC Chloe Bishop is a double agent after string of worrying clues

EAGLE eyed Line of Duty viewers are convinced that DC Chloe Bishop is a double agent after spotting a string of hidden clues.

Fans noticed the newcomer made a number of strange mistakes - leading her to being labelled as the bent copper.

During the latest explosive episode of Line of Duty, DC Chloe and DI Steve Arnott moved corrupt solicitor Jimmy Lakewell from prison to the police station.

They were hoping to squeeze more information from him about the murder of Gail Vella after discovering the pair had spoken before her death.

While the armed police convoy sped back to AC-12, they were attacked by the OCG, who popped the vans tyres and began shooting at them.

As police officer Jonesy and Chloe rushed to help DI Steve and Jimmy as they lay trapped in the crashed van, a sniper shot Jones dead.

Managing to save Jimmy, he was taken back to prison but brutally murdered in his cell by criminal Lee Banks.

In all of the commotion and explosive bombshells, viewers noticed that Chloe's behaviour seemed off and that she looked to have anticipated the ambush.

Viewers pointed out that she appeared to look at the OCG van long before it came speeding towards them, suggesting that she was the one who leaked information that Lakewell was being moved.

"I noticed that the sniper had a clear shot of Chloe and her team but never took it," one fan began their theory on Twitter.

"When they mentioned a leak coming from Blackthorn, Chloe suggested it may have come from AC-12 (maybe trying to deflect them away from looking into Blackthorn)."

Another spotted a minuscule detail as the policewoman met with the solicitor: "Lakewell called her Chloe not DC Bishop."

"He referred to Steve and Ted by their rank and surname. Maybe he knows Chole because she's bent," a third chimed in.

A fourth said: "Chloe is the only one wearing a red jacket, so she could be identified (and spared) but the sniper and OCG."

"I'm starting to believe Chloe is bent, she was the one that spotted the van during Lakewells transit and the fact she was unharmed is a bit suspect," a fifth agreed.

"She looked dodgy in the car before the ambush, like she knew something was going to happen," added another.

Some even went as far as to suggest that Chloe was linked to Detective Chief Inspector Tony Gates, who headed up serious crime unit TO-20 before committing suicide.

"Tony Gates had a daughter in private school called Chloe," one fan linked the new DC, despite admitting discrepancy about "her age".

"I’m positive that Chloe is either Gates’s daughter or Lisa McQueen’s daughter," another added, linking her to the OCG.

"Chloe looked shocked when Jo's family connection was found, which suggests that she is worried that she own family connection might also be found out," concluded a third.

Over the weekend, viewers were blown away by the BBC1 cop thriller’s most explosive episode yet with plenty of dumbfounding plot twists.

There were a number of bombshells, including the possible departure of Superintendant Ted Hastings after he was threatened with the disbanding of AC-12.

The threats came after he failed to warn Deputy Chief Constable Andrea Wise and Police Crime Commissioner Rohan Sindwhani that Detective Superintendent Ian Buckells had been arrested.

Buckells, then charged with perverting the course of justice, was found to have a randy history with Operation Lighthouse witness Deborah Devereux.

Naturally, the DC and Police Crime Commissioner weren't too pleased with the news - and broke it to Hastings that AC-12 was being disbanded.

There was another gasp-inducing moment as PC Ryan Pilkington looked like he was about to assassinate his police boss DCI Jo Davidson.

Fans will have to wait until next week to unravel the episode's cliffhanger, too - as DNA samples from Davidson revealed she had a significant relation key to investigations.

Line of Duty returns on Sunday at 9pm on BBC One, or is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

Line of Duty episode ends on a cliffhanger over who DCI Jo Davidson is related to as Ted Hastings looks shocked

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