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Line of Duty fans convinced promo image ‘proves’ Kate’s fate after deadly gunshot cliffhanger

LINE of Duty fans are convinced that a promo image "proves" Kate's fate following the show's deadly gunshot cliffhanger.

Viewers were left with the mother of all cliffhangers as hero cop DI Kate Fleming was locked in an armed stand-off with bent copper PC Ryan Pilkington.

In the latest instalment Jo was confirmed as corrupt when she agreed to have Kate murdered to protect her own secret.

She called Kate and tricked her into meeting her at a disused warehouse car park and when she got there - Ryan stepped out and aimed at gun at Kate.

Last night’s thrilling episode ended with the sound of two shots being fired, leaving viewers wondering whether it was good cop or bad cop that had taken a bullet.

However, one eagle-eyed fan is convinced that Kate was not fatally shot after they spotted a yet-to-be-seen interrogation scene.

The photos showing Kate wearing a striking blue jumper was shared on social media by the creator Jed Mercurio in September.

The fan posted: "She will live! We haven’t seen this scene yet.”

So far Kate has not been involved in any such scene alongside Ted Hastings since she was transferred to the Murder Investigation Unit.

Vicky previously hinted that her time as a trio on the BBC One's most intense crime fighting drama may be coming to an end.

She said: “You know, nothing lasts forever. It will be a really sad time, it’s the longest standing job that I’ve ever had.

“As corny as it sounds, you know there is nothing nicer than working with mates... That’s really ­important. So, it will be a bloody great shame. I’ll keep going until I’m told to not.”

Other were convinced that Hastings and Arnott may have been in the firing line during the stand-off.

One fan posted: "Anyone else fear this is the last series of Line of Duty? Seems to be heading for a conclusion...I hope one of the main lot didn't get shot."

Another shared: "Please don't tell me that Steve or Ted were shot last night...could be a twist?"

A third added: "I reckon Steve was lurking in the darkness somewhere and he shot Ryan."

Meanwhile, DNA samples belonging to this series’ main bent copper Jo, were last week shown to link her to a sensational figure.

This week we also found out that it was mobster Tommy Hunter from series one, who was then killed in series two. But we don’t know if Tommy is Jo’s father – or another relative.

And actor James Nesbitt made a shock appearance as dodgy disappeared cop Marcus Thurwell as the investigation into Gail Vella’s murder became more convoluted.

He was involved in two cases that were being probed by Gail Vella, the TV journalist whose assassination is the mystery at the heart of the current sixth series.

But, last night's episode left viewers with more burning questions and viewers will have to wait until next week to find out if Kate survived.

Line of Duty shock as Kate Fleming and Ryan Pilkington shoot each other as Jo tries to murder her

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