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Line of Duty fans convinced murdered lawyer Jimmy Lakewell is Jo Davidson’s brother against all odds


LINE of Duty fans are convinced Jimmy Lakewell is the brother of dodgy cop Jo Davidson.

The BBC police drama took an explosive turn this past Sunday and left fans with an epic cliffhanger.

Rather than waiting until the next episode, viewers are keen to find out who Jo's mysterious brother is and believe they have found the answer.

After being broken out of prison by AC-12 for an interview, Jimmy (Patrick Baladi) made it clear he would not snitch on the OCG and Jo (Kelly MacDonald) was stunned to hear he had been strangled and killed in prison.

A reddit user explained how the pair may be related, as they shared: "Earlier In S5, Hastings disclosed an anonymous OCG rat to Lee Banks which put Lakewell in a big hole.

“Davidson is then threatened by OCG as they know the brother-sister relationship and her position, and the leverage is that Lakewell will be kept safe in Blackthorn as long as Davidson is in their pocket, suppressing Vella's case."

The fan also suggested Lakewell had been living in Davidson's flat and his “involvement with the OCG explains the locks” on the doors and because “he’s in prison it’s an empty unlived house”. 

The eagle-eyed viewer spotted a photo on the side table in the dining room, which saw a woman with a young girl. 

The user surmised: "The photo is Lakewell’s photo of his mum and sister together.”

The anonymous laptop chat has re-emerged in series six and the Reddit user think it “could be an AC unit talking to her as she's reached out as a UCO, but more likely it's still our representation of H”. 

Fans have also speculated that the relative in question could by Tommy Hunter, based on the fact that both Jo and Tommy are Scottish.

He is around the same age, which makes it more likely they are close relatives within the same family.

If Davidson is a sibling of Hunter she may be being blackmailed into helping the criminals with the threat of the link being exposed.

One fan on Twitter wrote: “I reckon she's Tommy Hunter's daughter - both Scottish? I think she's his daughter!”, while another added: “Jo Davidson's blood relative? Tommy Hunter her father is my guess!”

Line of Duty continues this Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.

Line of Duty episode ends on a cliffhanger over who DCI Jo Davidson is related to as Ted Hastings looks shocked

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