Line of Duty ended on a jaw-dropper of a cliffhanger tonight as Kate Fleming and Ryan Pilkington ended up in a tense gun face-off.

As the credits rolled gunshots were heard but we won’t find out who was the victim until episode six, next Sunday.

Viewers were shouting at the screen as Fleming (Vicky McClure) went to meet Jo Davidson (Kelly McDonald) for a ‘chat’ at a bar, but Davidson switched up plans intending to lead Kate to her demise as ordered by the OCG.

The heat was on Davidson as Fleming pressured her about getting Pilkington off the MIT, Pilkington took up a large portion of the episode giving Davidson the Death Stare to throw Fleming off the scent and eventually whoever is on the receiving end of the Scottish detective’s instant messaging told her to get rid of the former AC-12 officer.

Detective Jo Davidson is threatened by rookie officer Ryan Pilkington
Detective Jo Davidson and Ryan Pilkington go after Kate

It was a breathless episode as the crews busted an OCG gun workshop, Steve Arnott discovered the £50 notes from Steph Corbett’s were connected to Hastings, Sidwani is given the heave-ho and says he had been fighting for AC-12 all along AND we were introduced to James Nesbitt as former detective Marcus Thurwell.

And breathe...

Oh yeh, and Patricia Carmichael (Anna Maxwell-Martin) from series five turned up and pulled surveillance on Jo Davidson.

DCI Patricia Carmichael is back

And that’s where we see Kate headed to meet Davidson at a lorry park, luckily she called old mate Arnott and the AC-12 team hot foot it to the park.

Could we see an end to Line of Duty’s iconic team? Or has Kate disposed of the series’ biggest OCG fish since Dot?

We couldn’t believe it and neither could fans on Twitter:

Will Jo Davidson cry again? And who is she to Tommy Hunter?

Yeh, that was the reveal at the start of the episode which paled in comparison with everything else that went on.

Line of Duty continues next Sunday, 9pm on BBC one.