Supermarket giant Lidl has been accused of 'losing the plot' by shoppers, after they spotted a new product in store.

The £1.99 product went viral for all the wrong reasons over the weekend, as shoppers branded it an 'abomination' and 'rank'.

Facebook page NewfoodsUK shared a photo of Lidl’s new Wasabi Flavour Ice Cream, which is priced at £1.99.

The post has attracted hundreds of shoppers, who have been quick to share their opinions on the ice cream, reports the ECHO.

One person wrote: “I’ve actually tried this it’s really tasty!” and a second said: “I’d give that a go!”

A third added: “Really good palate cleanser or between courses. Especially Japanese food”.

A fourth said: “I think I want to try lol”.

However, other shoppers disagreed and claimed it was “too far”.

One person wrote: “Bet it's minging haha” and another said: “Seen the other day it’ll be rank”.

A third said: “They've lost the plot".

A fourth wrote: “Its an abomination” and a fifth said: “No thanks”.

A sixth tagged a friend and said: “I love wasabi as you know but that has gone too far”.

The Vitasia Wasabi Flavour Ice Cream is available at Lidl now for £1.99.