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Letters - 17 September, 2019

What do you think of Fiona Bruce as the chairman of Question Time?
What do you think of Fiona Bruce as the chairman of Question Time?

I no longer enjoy Question Time

I no longer look forward to BBC TV Question Time.

Chairmen Sir Robin Day, Peter Sissons and David Dimbleby were very hard acts to follow but Fiona Bruce, pictured, with her fussiness and tendency to mumble, should be replaced by someone with more authority and gravitas.

The constant interruptions and panellists talking over each other made the latest programme almost unbearable, even to panellist Iain Dale, who later admitted that he almost walked out on the show.

Question Time’s studio audiences have become increasingly unruly and should be thoroughly briefed as to what behaviour is acceptable.

However, one wonders if the BBC encourages a certain level of disorder to enhance the entertainment.

As for the quality of the panellists, the best-known last Thursday was the strident Emily Thornberry.

I can’t call any contributions significant other than those of Iain Dale.

Brian H Sheridan

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Vic professionalism was amazing

On Sunday September 8, I had occasion to visit Blackpool Victoria Hospital Urgent Care Centre with my 105 year old mum who suffers with dementia.

She had had an accidental fall in the care home and was taken to hospital by two wonderful and caring paramedics.

The treatment she received over the next few hours was amazing.

She was treated with the utmost respect and dignity. The professionalism and care shown by all the doctors and nursing staff was outstanding in what I am sure are often very trying circumstances.

They were a credit to the hospital and their profession.

The NHS receive a lot of criticism, a lot of which is down to funding. It is good therefore to be able thank them for the care and dedication we were shown.

Jeanne Andrew

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Don’t trust a man with unusual hair

There is some debate as to the qualities that make for the best political leaders. Most are eloquent, well presented, generally intelligent although not always and honest although not always.

Rather than looking for features that are common to the well-respected leaders of the world’s countries we need to look for something that is common to those that we don’t hold up as the leading lights. The most obvious feature is an obsession with unusual hair as is apparent with Donald Trump, Boris Johnson and Kim Yong Un.

The answer is simple - Vote for the bald guy - Me! I have never accepted a bribe although this has been made easier by never having been offered one either. I am always willing to give my opinion on any topic and am used to it being ignored despite its obvious wisdom.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity for elect me whenever I stand next and remember vote early and vote often.

Dennis Fitzgerald

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None of us will reach retirement

I note the article concerning local people struggling upon reaching the retirement age of 65.

We needn’t worry too much about it though as the proposals by the Tory party are that the age should raise to 75 over the next 16 years.

Given that the average lifespan of a male in Blackpool reaches only 74, moving forward none of us should reach retirement and the Government can keep the 1 per cent mandatory pension contributions they brought in five years ago.

Rob Mason



Real reason over anger at Boris

The real reason that politicians are now screaming about constitutional outrages is not because Boris Johnson is doing anything wrong, or unlawful. It is because he is refusing to bend that flexible constitution in their direction and he is making them do what they agreed to do at the outset – to enact the decision of the people.

Tony Homewood

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