I HAVE just been to the busy Haddock Paddock in Sedbergh for the usual excellent, Friday night fish and chips.

The Sedbergh upper car park is opposite and the only place to park. It was pitch black except for weak street lights.

I was taken aback as I drove in to see a group of runners with head torches running laps through the parked cars where you drive to get to a parking space and exit the car park. It was clearly an organised event. I was careful to avoid them but their head torches were dazzling.

Coming back to the car park with my food, the runners' kids were now copying the grown-ups with their own small hand-held torches running and darting through the car park. I thought it must be "crazy night". I wanted to call the police but I was just glad to carefully leave.

Maybe the organiser should choose one of the many car-free spaces for their torchlight fun. I would gladly offer one of our nearby safe fields where sheep are the only hazard.

G Dixon