YOU published an interesting letter by Mr Gladman (Letters, August 29, ‘Driving tips’).

He wrote: “A cycling club will often cycle as a group rather than single file. This makes it safer for all of us...”

However, the Highway Code states: “Cyclists should never ride more than two abreast, and should ride in single file on narrow roads.”

Whether Mr Gladman’s recommendation is ‘safer’ is doubtful; but surely it is irresponsible to encourage riders to break the Highway Code?

Mr Gladman does not give his address, but I have discovered that IAM RoadSmart [formerly the Institute of Advanced Motorists] is based in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire.

I recommend Mr Gladman comes to the Lake District and discovers the realities of our narrow, twisting roads.

Mrs S. Thornton

Ribblehead, Yorkshire

Editor's note: the Gazette contacted Mr Gladman and here is his response:

"A group of cyclists two abreast is often much easier to overtake than a line of cyclists spread out. Of course this would be dependent on the width of the road. In no way was the information suggesting cyclists should ignore the Highway Code or any other common-sense safety consideration.

"Interestingly, as a resident of North Yorkshire myself, I would not expect a group of cyclists to occupy the whole of a single-track road, but on a regular carriageway performing numerous overtakes on an extended line of cyclists can be challenging to say the least.

"The observation was made that "often a cycling club will ride as a group" - I am surprised this has been taken as a suggestion or advice to do so instead of the comment on behaviour it was intended to be.”

Richard Gladman

Head of driving and riding standards, IAM RoadSmart