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Let’s support small businesses who answered Marcus Rashford’s call to feed our kids

Top Marcus

THE army of cafés, pubs and restaurants inspired by Marcus Rashford to feed poor kids for free at half term is a proud and heartwarming moment for Britain.

The generosity of hundreds of businesses, many fighting for their own ­survival, has been as admirable and overwhelming as the star’s own community spirit and dogged perseverance.

Well done to them all, as well as big businesses like McDonald’s which have also joined the campaign.

Some say the Government should fund free meals from our taxes, or by adding them to the Covid bill later generations will have to pay. Others disagree. But the issue is more complex than many make out. It should not be a political football.

 As Marcus says: “Our views are being clouded by political affiliation.”

We should take the heat, politics and blame out of it and focus on the hungry kids themselves. They are blameless.

Let us just be grateful to all those businesses and communities which have stepped up, support them in turn, and marvel at this story of hope in a dark time.

Tests ‘miracle’

YOU wait for ages, then two arrive at once. On top of Marcus’s achievements comes another good news story . . . a real potential Covid game-changer.

On-the-spot swab tests with results in just 15 minutes would be the biggest breakthrough short of a vaccine.

Those testing negative could go about their day — to work, to the football, to the dentist, to a gig. Those testing positive could immediately self-isolate.

True, we’ve had many false dawns. Our current testing system has failed.

But these tests already work in a lab. Once proven robust and simple enough for general use, we can produce millions and get on top of the virus. It could even happen “this side of Christmas”.

Which, with one Sage scientist claiming ordinary festivities are “wishful thinking”, would be the Christmas miracle we all need.

Fire starter

OUR congrats to Wales’s Labour Government leader Mark Drakeford, currently ahead in the arms race of Covid lunacy.

Not content with shutting his country down in a panic, he has banned supermarkets from selling “non-essential” items also sold by shops he closed.

Has he never bought anything online? The Labour genius has just handed Welsh supermarket takings to Amazon.

Drakeford is a useful pointer to how his party would govern nationally: Ineptly, rashly and without restraint.

What, we wonder, will he do if and when his 17-day shutdown — his “firebreak” — has no provable impact on Covid? Another 17 days?

Sadly, we fear it will go like this for many Welsh businesses:

Firebreak. Fire sale. Firings all round.

McDonald’s offers 1 MILLION free meals for families as Marcus Rashford calls for school kids to be fed

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