The number of patients admitted to Wirral hospitals with Coronavirus is now at it's lowest level since September last year, latest figures show.

Wirral University Teaching Hospital does not disclose hospital admission numbers for its two main sites, but NHS England publishes the data on a weekly basis.

The most recent report, published on Thursday evening, shows that on February 23, 38 beds at Arrowe Park and Clatterbridge Hospitals were occupied by Covid-19 patients - down 27 from 65 seven days earlier.

Exactly a month ago that figure stood at 265.

It means that Covid inpatient levels are now at their lowest level in Wirral hospitals since September 27, 2020.

There has also been a promising reduction in the number of patients occupying mechanical ventilation beds at the two hospitals. As of February 23, eight such beds were in use, down from 14 seven days earlier.

Prior to this week, the last time mechanical ventilation bed occupancy was in single figures was January 5, 2021.

The encouraging downward trend comes swiftly after it was confirmed yesterday that over 107,000 people have now received at least their first Covid vaccination jab in Wirral - around a third of the borough's overall population.

Clatterbridge Cancer Centre is also caring for some patients with Covid-19. As of February 23, three beds were occupied by patients with the virus - up one from seven days earlier.

None of their patients were on mechanical ventilation beads.