Leigh-Anne Pinnock has revealed that she used to feel "scared" to speak out about racism.

The Little Mix star, 29, spoke out while presenting a new BBC Three documentary titled Leigh-Anne: Race, Pop & Power on discrimination within the music industry.

She detailed how she felt she had found her "purpose" since talking about race.

The singer said: "I was really scared, actually, about speaking out, which is why I feel like I didn’t for so many years."

The star, who has recently announced she is pregnant with her first child, added she was "scared that people wouldn’t understand, because I feel like with racism, if you don’t experience it, how are you ever going to really get it and feel it and understand it".

"Also I was scared to lose fans, I was scared of offending fans, because that’s not what I’m trying to do at all," she said.

"I literally just wanted to address how I felt."

Leigh-Anne Pinnock racism
Leigh-Anne Pinnock feels she's found her "purpose" since speaking out on racism

Leigh-Anne said that she felt "empowered" since speaking about racism and admitted that she feels a lot better knowing "the whole world is having this conversation".

"It’s not just behind closed doors with my family," she said.

"I’m having it with my white friends who I would never have had before.

"It’s amazing to know that things are going in the right direction."

She went on to say she believed the pop music industry is not racially diverse enough.

Leigh-Anne Pinnock Diversity
Leigh-Anne Pinnock says "diversity is just so important"

"When I walk into work and I see a predominantly white room, I’m like, ‘But why?'" she said.

She admitted that it doesn't need to be like this and black people should be having the opportunities as well.

Leigh-Anne continued: "For me, diversity is just so important and I want my children to be able to watch TV and see themselves and at the minute it’s not good enough."

And she admitted that she feels like she's a "different person, the confidence I have in myself" since opening up on the conversation.

*Leigh-Anne: Race, Pop & Power airs on BBC One at 9pm on May 13 and will also be on BBC Three and iPlayer from 6am on that day.

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