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Leftie Lily Allen's tears of joy at Corbyn's manifesto - Brits rage at 'idiot snowflake'

Pop star Lily Allen posted a video to social media video app Tik Tok following the release of the Labour Party manifesto. Leader Jeremy Corbyn released his party’s election pledges today, which included promising £75 billion to build 150,000 new council and social homes within five years, a £3 billion plan to offer adults in England free access to retraining and introducing a "real living wage" of at least £10 an hour. Ms Allen, a known supporter of Mr Corbyn, posted a video online appearing to cry with happiness over the policies.

In the video, the singer uses a filter to make it appear as if she is crying as she ‘struggles’ to speak.

She captioned the video: “#RealChange #LabourManifesto.”

This is a reference to Mr Corbyn’s speech where he promised Labour would "deliver real change for the many, and not the few”.

In the footage, Ms Allen can be heard saying: “Guys, I just watched the Labour manifesto. I think it’s the best manifesto I’ve ever seen.”

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Lily Allen ruthlessly mocked over Twitter video

Lily Allen ruthlessly mocked over Twitter video (Image: Lily Allen Twitter / BBC)

Lily Allen appears to cry over Labour manifesto

Lily Allen appears to cry over Labour manifesto (Image: Lily Allen Twitter)

Ruth O’Reilly was one of many “confused” by the bizarre video: “Why the crying filter? It has to be a filter because it’s constantly identical and the tears disappear. It makes your very very important point seem like you’re taking the piss, which you clearly aren’t, I’m so confused!”

One Twitter user wrote: “I don't understand, why she is crying over a manifesto? Surely it's only worth crying if they go through with it.”

Another quote-retweeted the video and captioned: "Corbyn unveiled an £83billion manifesto splurge funded by hikes to death duties, 'supertaxes' on higher earners and swingeing levies on big business and millionaires and Lily Allen said it's the best manifesto she has ever seen. Stark, raving, bonkers!"

Jimmy Brooking added his opinion: "Lily Allen crying over the Labour Communist Manifesto. Give me a break! Corbyn will lose."

Corbyn: We'll deliver real change for the many

Corbyn: We'll deliver real change for the many (Image: BBC)

One respondent got straight to the point about the Labour header: “He ain't winning though so…”

Paul Tinay was equally unimpressed: “Gotta love a champagne socialist….”

Steve W on Twitter said: "Stay out of politics Lily. You're an idiot! #snowflake"

Another tweeter said: "Please calm down Lily."

Some users did seem to support the post, with one tweeting: “Queen of emotion and supporting labour. We Stan.”

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Top priorities for voters in December's election

Top priorities for voters in December's election (Image: EXPRESS)

Labour’s manifesto policies have been making waves since they were announced with the head of the Institute for Fiscal Studies, Paul Johnson, warning that they are “not credible”.

He told ITV News: “They suggest that all of that will come from companies and people earning over £80,000 a year. That is simply not credible.

“You cannot raise that kind of money in our tax system without affecting individuals.”

Speaking at the manifesto launch, Mr Corbyn insisted Labour's policies were fully costed and "popular".

He told supporters there would be no increases in VAT, income tax or National Insurance for anyone earning less than £80,000. That meant no tax increases for 95% of taxpayers.

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