A THREE-DAY operation by a police team saw multiple issues dealt with.

Officers from the Leeds West Police Team worked alongside a number of external agencies as part of the proactive days.

The Off-Road Bike Team were one of those to take part in the operation.

They seized a number of bikes, including a blue quad from the Calverley area.

Meanwhile, police also arrested a man in Bramley, for production of cannabis.

A full traffic operation was conducted in Pudsey.

A number of fixed penalty tickets were issued.

There were also a total of 25 vehicles dip-tested for red diesel. 

Red fuel is taxed at a lower rate to normal petrol, because it is not intended to be used in road vehicles.

The fuel is dyed (hence its name) so HMRC officers can easily identify when it is being used illegally.

The Government website states: "It's illegal to use red diesel on public roads."

One vehicle during the operation in Pudsey tested positive for red diesel.

A £540 fine was issued by HMRC.