Lauren Goodger’s new career will raise a few eyebrows.

The reality star is training to be a £150-a-time eyebrow technician and has already started taking bookings through her social media pages.

Sources close to the former The Only Way Is Essex favourite say she will open her own salon in 2020 and carry out treatments herself.

It won’t be the first time Lauren, 33, has had her own beauty shop.

She opened Lauren’s Way in Buckhurst Hill, Essex back in 2012 - but closed it a year later.

A source said: “Lauren needs a bit of structure in her life. Telly jobs come and go so she wants something to keep her busy during the quiet periods.

Lauren Goodger has decided on a career switch

“She’s had a salon before so knows what she’s doing.”

Lauren - who dated Mark Wright when she was on the ITV2 reality show - is also set to re-release her fake tan.

She launched Lauren’s Way in 2013 and it was stocked in a number of retailers around the county, including Superdrug.

But the tan got discontinued following a row with her former business partner. Now she’s planning to get it back out shelves next year.

This week Lauren was caught auditioning to promote a poisonous cyanide drink.

The reality TV star was secretly filmed being asked to promote a fake diet drink in the BBC Three series Blindboy Undestroys the World, despite it not being ready for production.

The made-up drink - called Cyanora - included the ingredient hydrogen cyanide, which is a chemical that can kill you.

Lauren got caught up in a BBC Three satirical series

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The toxic substance was used during the second world war by Nazi Germany in gas chambers.

In a statement Lauren said she agreed to promote the drink without trying it “in the heat of the moment”.

“This script was given to me at that precise moment,” she explained. “No deals were signed and it was an audition. They asked me would I promote the drink without using it.

“In the heat of the moment I said yes.

“Of course I would never promote anything that contains poison and proper checks would have been made before any promotion.”