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Late Fast and Furious star Paul Walker’s 21-car garage sells for £1.8million at auction

SOME of Paul Walker's supercar collection have sold for £1.8million at auction.

A group of 21 supercars owned by the late Fast Furious star were sold at the annual Scottsdale Auction over the weekend.

Known for his role as Brian O'Conner in the iconic franchise, Paul wasn't just a car enthusiast onscreen.

The action star had more than 30 different vehicles in his extensive collection, which spanned five decades and a range of different automakers.

One of the most sought-after vehicles was a 2009 Nissan 370Z that was used in the filming of Fast Five.

The classic motor sold for more than £80,000, with it being held in Paul's private garage after filming finished.

Another highlight are the five white BMW M3 Lightweight models, with one selling for £296,000.

All proceeds from the sale will go towards a trust for Walker's 21-year-old daughter Meadow Rain, who also kept a few vehicles.

Paul died when a car he was a passenger in smashed into a tree in Los Angeles in 2013.

Following his death, his brothers Cody and Caleb Walker spent three months filming Furious 7 to finish the remaining scenes that he couldn't.

Craig Jackson, chief executive of Barrett-Jackson, said: "Paul Walker has been compared to a modern-day Steve McQueen, who lived his passion for racing in every aspect of his life.

"(He) has inspired entire generations of car lovers.

"We worked closely with a close friend of Paul's who helped care for Paul's collection following his death.

"He was responsible for consigning and prepping the vehicles for the auction.

"Paul's daughter, Meadow, kept a few vehicles she had a connection with."

Last year, thousands of motoring enthusiasts flocked to a car show commemorating the life of Paul Walker.

More than 700 different cars, including iconic motors from the action franchise, were on show at the event held in Chelmsford.

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