This is the dramatic moment two homes fell into a river during a landslide.

The shocking video was filmed in Hardin County, Tennessee, US, on Saturday night, with pictures from the next day showing the extent of the devastation.

The properties fell down a cliff bordering the Tennessee River after the ground underneath them gave way in heavy rain.

Debris from the homes scattered the slope on Sunday, with a trail of destruction leading down to the riverside.

Firefighters evacuated residents from one of the buildings just before it tumbled down the cliff, according to Hardin County Fire Department.

The properties fell down the slope in heavy rain

The landslide was one of many caused by days of downpours in Tennessee.

Heavy rain has also caused cliffs to collapse in West Virginia and North Carolina in recent days, Mail Online reports.

The south of the US has seen widespread flooding over the past week due to savage storms.

High river levels caused the landslide

Some 3,000 people in Jackson, Mississippi, were evacuated after the Pearl River rose to its third-highest point on record.

Hundreds of thousands of sandbags have been handed out in the state capital.

More downpours are expected this week, particularly in Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia.

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Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves tweeted: "This is a historic, unprecedented flood.

"With projections showing the potential of this being the 3rd worst flood in our state’s history, I‘ve declared a state of emergency to deploy the necessary resources to take care of all Mississippians impacted."

He added that US President Donald Trump called him yesterday to offer his support for relief efforts.