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Lancashire lockdown: Blackburn businesses focus on track and trace

RESTAURANTS, pubs and hairdressers are now legally obliged to take track and trace details of customers after a move by the government.

Blackburn’s businesses have taken to the change to try to help reduce the town’s coronavirus rates.

The Butler’s Arms in Pleasington has been taking track and trace details since they opened the doors in July. Matthew Heppleston, an employee of pub group Imagine Inns, said: “Since we re-opened we have been running track and trace details from an individual in each party.

“That includes full name, number and email address. Those details are put into our booking system and are kept for three weeks to keep in line with the government regulation.”

The new track and trace system applies to any business that provides an on-site service and to any events that take place on its premises.

If a business offers a mixture of a sit-in and takeaway service, contact information only needs to be collected for customers who are dining in.

Businesses must collect the name, contact number and email address of a booking along with the arrival time, and if possible departure time of each customer.

They are also ensuring a copy of their customers’ track and trace details is kept for 21 days.

EastzEast restaurant in King Georges Hall has implemented lots of safety procedures, which the restaurant says is over and above what the government has issued.

The restaurant is taking the new rules very seriously, putting customer safety before customer experience.

Restaurant manager Asjad Mahmood said: “The running of the restaurant has become second to running of the system because it’s imperative we get it right.

“Obviously we supply a good service but we have gone that little bit extra. We have got one extra member of staff so there is no running about. It’s the risk factor and we have cut it right down.”

The manager believes that as long as all Blackburn businesses work together, keeping track and trace details and ensuring safety procedures are followed to the letter, the town can get through the lockdown. “The last thing we want is the infection rate going up because of negligence of local businesses so we try and as long as everyone else has a go we will eventually get there and we will get it down,” he added.He said: “If we can rise through this local lockdown and stick to the regulations, as long as we stick to the rules and go that little bit further I think we will get through this.”

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