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Lanarkshire youth missing class time due to ongoing transportation problems

The young people at Lanarkshire Elementary School continue to be absent from class this year due to the late school bus pick-up.

Students attending St. Charles Elementary School on the canvas Langwill be picked up from the Drumsagad bus stop at 8:30 am. The

bus will pick up more children from the second stop in a few minutes. After that, we will arrive at the school in time for the class from 9 am.

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However, disgusted parents say that services for about 40 children are continually delayed and students do not arrive regularly until after 9 am.

In one case last week, the bus hadn't arrived by 9am, so the kids had to wait more than 30 minutes.

The South Lanarkshire Council has confirmed to Lanarkshire Live that it has expressed concern to the bus operator SPT regarding the number of incidents.

Alandance Muir said he had a son in St. Charles and the problem had reached ridiculous levels in the last few months.

He told Lanarkshire Live: Read more

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"After that, when Covid occurred and the bus resumed, the arrival time was 8:40 am. Now it is regular. It was 8.50, but one day last week it wasn't until after 9am.

"The problem is that the council and SPT arrive at parents at 8am at the beginning of the school year. All the kids are still arriving at that time, fearing they'll miss the bus because they've notified that it's 30 minutes. Who will arrive when in the rain or in the freezing cold? I'm waiting for a bus I don't understand. "

Mr. Dancemuir said that the knock-on effect of uncertainty is that more parents take their children to school while other young people are tired of waiting and walking to school. He said it was causing more congestion.

He states: ""

Cambuslang East councilor Katy Loudon confirmed that she noticed the problem.

She states: "It's clearly not an acceptable situation, as it's very important that the kids feel calm and ready at the beginning of the day without worrying about the bus being delayed. Raised by an educational institution. We are currently waiting for an answer. "

An SPT spokesperson said: The SPT is aware of the issues raised and is working with operators and the South Lanarkshire Council to resolve them. Recognizing the problem their parents are experiencing with a bus contractor at St. Charles Elementary School, we asked Strathclyde Partnership for Transport as an agent to investigate this problem and remind the contractor of the terms and timing of this contract. .. ”

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