Lanark United head coach Simon Eeles admits the Yowes have been stunned after Storm Arwen destroyed their Moor Park home.

The stands were ripped apart during a weekend of stormy weather. Last Saturday’s West of Scotland League Conference C match at home to Ardrossan Winton Rovers was postponed due to the carnage.

Eeles said: “We got photos sent to us in the morning by the chairman to show us the extent of the damage.

“Basically, the wind has come across the park and ripped across the long stand which has been there since about 1940.

“It ripped the stand right back and on to the park. There’s a big stand and a small stand and there is massive damage to the whole lot of it.

“The wind was so strong and it’s actually snapped two or three large stone poles. It really is quite unbelievable. It’s incredible. It has absolutely devastated the whole stand.

“We had to make the place safe first and foremost. Last Saturday’s game had to be cancelled as the place wasn’t safe. But we have managed to put everything to one side.

“I think it will be lifted from the ground this week, but it’s massively devastating for the club and our supporters who have had this stuff there for so long. It’s so disappointing. It’s a massive shock to everyone. We can’t believe the wind has caused so much damage to such huge concrete structures. It is really bizarre.”

The storm has caused destruction in Lanark.
The storm has caused destruction in Lanark.

The club have, however, been heartened by an army of volunteers who were ready to help them deal with the fallout from Storm Arwen.

An amazing £4500 ha been raised to help the club with their rebuilding project, via a GoFundMe page.

While grateful for the donations, however, Eeles isn’t sure if it will cover the full extent of the damage.

“I think we have cleared over £4000, which is amazing,” he said. “I think it shows how much affection is out there for the club. So many people have come down to try and help us, giving up their own time.

“So we are blown away by the amount of people who have helped. That side of things has been nice. We have no idea how much it’s going to be to put everything back together.

“We haven’t got lots of money to update the ground. I don’t know what the repercussions will be in terms of financial cost to the club.”

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United must now look to pick up their league form, with Eeles and co-boss Andy Soutar finding the club at the foot of the league table, with one win this season.

They don’t have a home game until Neilston visit on December 18, and that could be a saving grace.

Eeles said: “We have a three-week gap before our next home game. I’m pretty confident we can be OK to play then.

“We need to make sure it’s safe first, but once the scrap is lifted, we shouldn’t have too much disruption.”

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