The NFL always comes down to quarterback play, and in week one we had an explosive start.

It was exciting, the games were close, and to see these offences already firing on all cylinders was amazing. To have four quarterbacks throwing for four or more touchdowns in week one is just unheard of.

Who knew Jameis Winston was going to play like that for the Saints? Tom Brady, how is this guy still doing that? Then Kyler Murray and Russell Wilson, those guys just lit it up.

Those guys all played well, and the NFC West showed it is the best division in football, I don’t know what’s going to happen there.

We get to see Lamar Jackson’s Ravens take on Patrick Mahomes’ Chiefs this week in another big match up.

Obviously Lamar Jackson has never beaten the Chiefs, and everyone wants to see if he can finally do it.

Lamar Jackson (right) and Patrick Mahomes (left) face off in the NFL this week (



But the way their defence plays, I don’t have a lot of faith in them. They can’t bring a lot of pressure with the four-man front, so they have to do a lot of blitzing.

We know Patrick Mahomes carves you open when you blitz him, because who is going to cover Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce?

I don’t have a lot of faith in the defence, but Lamar Jackson has shown he can carry a team on his back.

It’s always intense, they have home field advantage, and the Ravens will want to try and show they can finally beat the Chiefs. Unfortunately, I just don’t think their defence is equipped to stop the Chiefs.

Eagles show their strength

Football is won up front, in the trenches, with your big guys. That's what the Philadelphia Eagles are good at.

They have a superb offensive and defensive lines, and when you have that, the rest of your team plays better and you’re not so dependent on a superior playmaker to get you out of trouble.

Offensive line is the strength of the Philadelphia Eagles side

Jalen Hurts is obviously the leader of that team, they’ve rallied behind him, he can make things happen. But because of that offensive line, setting the standard, it always gives them a chance.

We’ll see if they can hold up against San Francisco’s defensive line, which has to show they’re a strength of this team.

And for the Eagles, we’ll see if they can shut down the things the 49ers do on offence.

Cowboys at risk

The Dallas Cowboys can’t go 0-2. That’s pure desperation, so they’ve got a lot of pressure on them this week against the LA Chargers.

Dak Prescott played really well in week one, his offence is good, but this Chargers defence is going to be really hard to handle.

Dak Prescott has his work cut out to stop the Dallas Cowboys going 0-2

I want to see that match-up, because the Chargers defence is playing great.

On the other side of the ball, Justin Herbert is elite and he’s showing he’s the best QB from his rookie class.

They can really expose the defence of the Cowboys because both their defensive ends are out, one with injury and one with COVID.

I’m looking for the Chargers to win and this might be panic mode for the Cowboys starting 0-2.

They’re going to have to outscore them because I’m not sure their defence can really stop the Chargers.

One to Watch - Justin Herbert (LA Chargers)

He’s lighting it up, and against Dak Prescott, we should see fireworks from both quarterbacks in their game.