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Labourer’s privates grabbed by supervisor who asked ‘is it true what they say about black men?’

A BLACK labourer who was taunted over the size of his manhood is set for a massive compensation payout.

Alwayne Thompson, 39, had his privates grabbed by a supervisor who taunted him by asking if it was “true what they say about black men?”

The dad-of-one was quizzed about whether his size 13 feet meant he had a “big dick”.

The Afro-Caribbean worker was sacked from Wheeldon Bros waste disposal, in Oldham, Greater Manchester.

But he had the last laugh after he sued the firm for racial harassment and won the case.

An employment judge ruled he was left “humiliated” and scared to report the ordeal.

Alwayne told The Sun: "I was the only black man working at the company.

"This should not be happening in 21st century Britain - it was humiliating.


“The things that they said to me were disgusting and my genitals were even grabbed.”

The final sum for injuries to his feelings has not yet been decided but it is expected to be considerable.

Alwayne, of Failsworth, Gtr Manchester, said: "It's been the worst time of my life. I broke down in tears in court over what happened.

"I have been left devastated - I worked there for 12 years and it came to a very sad end. I was the only black man working at the company.

"But at least justice has now been done and it was ruled that what happened to me was wrong.”

The Manchester Tribunal Hearing Centre heard how boss Steven Savery violated Alwayne’s dignity in front of other workers.

He denied fondling Mr Thompson or making racist remarks.

Mr Savery said he “always” repeated the same comment about “blokes with big feet, big shoes” when the lads’ protective boots arrived.

But Judge Rhodri McDonald condemned the jibe as an “ill-judged attempt at humour”.

He said: “We found that Mr Savery did on more than one occasion make the remark about black men and did grab his private parts.

“That conduct was unwanted conduct and had the effect of humiliating the claimant.”

Alwayne was fired for gross misconduct in August 2018 after being involved in an alleged racial punch-up with a Polish co-worker.

He told the tribunal that when he raised allegations of racism, company boss Jonathan Wheeldon told him: “You don’t come here to make friends”.

Workers also made racist remarks against Alwayne after the 2017 Manchester bombing, with one saying: “We don’t want black people in our country”.

The tribunal urged the company to improve equality and diversity training.

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