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Labour could be saddled with unelectable leaders for years to come if Red Len and his cronies set the agenda

DESPITE getting a resounding two fingers from voters, the hard Left seems grimly determined to tighten its grip on Labour.

Meddling Red Len McCluskey is already trying to stitch up the contest to replace Jeremy Corbyn by hand-picking a candidate from the same discredited mould.

The Unite union leader has held secret meetings to plot the coronation of Corbyn devotee Rebecca Long-Bailey, who was a key part of Labour’s election disaster.

The delusion seems to be that this political lightweight, dubbed Wrong-Daily by critics, can somehow sell Corbyn’s fantasy agenda because she is a fresh voice from the North.

But the reality is that voters saw through Jezza’s disastrous 1970s-style socialism and won’t be fooled regardless of who’s peddling it.

In a sane world, Labour would work out where it should be going before picking a leader.

But its union paymaster pulls the strings, and Red Len and his Momentum mates want a puppet to carry on spouting the same nonsense that just delivered Labour’s worst defeat since 1935.

At some point this once-proud party must learn the lessons of the election and move back towards the middle ground.

But that will only happen if it shakes off the malign influence of union bosses who wield far too much power behind the scenes.

While Red Len and his cronies set the agenda, Labour will be saddled with unelectable leaders for years to come.

Your greatest gift of all

TAKE a Christmas bow!

Your generosity has helped sick children across Britain.

Thanks to the thousands of pounds Sun on Sunday readers donated to our Quids for Kids campaign, we were able to hand out Christmas presents to brave youngsters in hospitals across the country.

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Little Prince charming

THE Queen has not had the best of years.

But what a comfort her great- grandchildren must be.

While we all keep our fingers crossed for Prince Philip in hospital, what a wonderful sight to see young Prince George making her smile.

Let’s hope Philip makes a speedy recovery and the Queen’s 2020 turns out to be an annus mirabilis.

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