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Labour accused of ‘stitch up’ as furious voters turn on party over Long Bailey email gaffe

The party’s current top team were accused of creating issues for voters after it sent its voting members an email from the current Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell urging them to support candidate Rebecca Long Bailey. It sparked fury among members who accused Labour of being bias towards a certain candidate. Currently, Ms Long Bailey is up against Sir Keir Starmer and Lisa Nandy for the top post.

Voting for the position opened this week and will close on April 2.

The winner will be announced on April 4.

But in a horror gaffe by Labour bosses, the email was sent out early on Tuesday.

It included a message from Mr McDonnell - who called his favoured candidate a “working class woman” who will “carry forward our socialist programme”.

The message was sent to thousands of voters just a day after voting started on Monday.

According to the Daily Telegraph, sources close to Ms Nandy were furious at the message.

They claimed it was a “clear breach of the rules”.

The source added: “There are questions to answer about why this happened, how this happened and how they are going to rectify it.”

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It comes after Sir Keir’s campaign to become the next Labour leader was in ruins after he was roundly trounced for claiming that he would bring back EU free movement.

Sir Keir’s EU vow backfired as people on Twitter tore his policy apart.

The leadership favourite said he “will have to see what the situation is in 2024” when asked if he would consider attempting to get the UK into a Norway-style EU agreement.


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And people were quick to pounce on his pledge.

One wrote: “Well, that's Not happening anytime in the next 5 years, even if he wins!”

Another said: “So Keir Starmer wants to bring back EU freedom of movement, it might help him with the left wing Marxist but it's great news for us #Conservatives as it means that Labour will be out of power for a generation.”

A third replied: “This is exactly why ⁦Labour lost the GE!

“None of them have a clue.”

A fourth said: “That’s him and Labour dead in the water then.”