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La Palma volcano seen from SPACE as airport forced to close due to ash cloud & evacuees queue for boats to flee island

INCREDIBLE satellite photos show red hot lava spewing from a volcano on La Palma after a new emission vent opened — as hundreds try to flee the island.

The Cumbre Vieja volcano, which began erupting last Sunday, is entering a new explosive phase as a new emission vent opened to the west of the main one.

The airport on the Spanish island of La Palma reopened today.

But flights remained cancelled as the volcano continued to spew lava and emit ash clouds over the surrounding area a week after it erupted.

Meanwhile, people have been queuing for boats to leave the island as satellite images show a massive lava flow that is clearly visible from space.  

Experts said there were currently two active lava flows, one fast-moving flow to the north and a slower one to the south.

Director of volcano response committee Pevolca, Miguel Angel Morcuende, told a news conference: "We have a flow to the north that is moving quickly... this lava comes from more interior areas of the crater and its temperature is about 1,250 degrees."

Mr Morcuende said the evacuations currently in place would be maintained for another 24 hours as a precaution.

Reuters drone footage showed a rapid river of red hot lava flowing down the slopes of the crater, passing close to homes, and swathes of land and buildings engulfed by a black mass of slower-moving, older lava.

Mr Morcuende said people who had been evacuated from Tacande de Arriba, Tacande de Abajo and Tajuya would be able to return to their homes.

Spain's airport operator Aena said the airport had reopened after teams cleared ash off the runway. 

But Binter, the Canary Island airline saying it will keep flights cancelled today because of the conditions.

This lava comes from more interior areas of the crater and its temperature is about 1,250 degrees

Miguel Angel MorcuendeDirector of volcano response committee

A statement said: "The ash cloud originating from the volcanic eruption makes it necessary to maintain the temporary stoppage of flights to La Palma.

"The stoppage will continue until conditions improve and allow flying, guaranteeing safety."

Spanish media reported all flights would remain cancelled today.

Today Pope Francis sent "closeness and solidarity" to those affected by the eruption during his weekly blessing in St. Peter's Square, while on La Palma churches held special masses for those affected.

Rivers of lava at volcano on Spanish island of La Palma

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