Kym Marsh has revealed the heartbreaking news that her dad has terminal cancer.

The Corrie star shared the awful news that dad Dave was diagnosed with incurable prostate cancer after delaying getting a check-up during the pandemic.

And now the 45-year-old is urging other men to get checked before it's too late.

The former Hear'Say singer told how Dave, 76, had put off having his check-up as he didn't want to add further pressure onto an over-stretched NHS during the coronavirus pandemic.

Due to lockdowns, there has been 50,000 fewer referrals for suspected prostate cancer.

Kym is now urging people to not put off getting checked as she says "speed is crucial" with diseases like prostate cancer which are treatable when caught early.

But in devastating news, the star has revealed that the disease has spread to her dad's pelvis, spine, ribs and left leg.

Kym Marsh
Kym Marsh has shared the awful news that her dad has incurable cancer

The actress told The Sun : "At this stage doctors are talking about it being incurable, but it is treatable and the hope is that they may be able to extend his life - but by how much nobody really knowns and he is in discomfort."

She described how it's been a "very difficult time" for the family but revealed they've discussed plans for the future.

She said that she told her dad not to do research into the disease, but he has anyway and so he knows how long he might be able to fight the disease.

And now the family is determined to share a positive message out of their anguish.

This Morning will run a segment with Kym and Dave talking about the condition in an attempt to get others to get checked.

Kym continued to say that of course every case is different, but they know that diagnosing the disease earlier means it's less likely to spread - as is the case with her dad.

She revealed the good news is her dad is responding well to treatment, but admits it's difficult to see him in pain.

Kym Marsh wedding
Kym's dad is determined to walk her down the aisle at her wedding to Scott Ratcliff

For Dave, the thought of walking Kym down the aisle after her recent engagement to Army major Scott Ratcliff is now a priority.

The dad, who has previously overcame a prostate cancer battle, said: "My biggest hope is the treatment keeps working and gives me more time with my family."

Talking about his diagnosis, he revealed that he'd been having several issues for a while but had chosen to ignore them.

He described having pains in his lower back and pelvis and admitted tasks such as driving were becoming painful.

He went on to confess he was "stubborn" and "didn't want to cause a fuss" by going to get checked.

Kym MArsh cancer
Kym and Dave are urging people not to put off going to the doctors for check-ups

But now he wants to get the message across to others not to wait.

"There will be a lot of other people out there now who have put things off longer than they should have done, and it’s important that everyone now thinks about the rest of their health and wellbeing too, because things only get worse," he added.

Dave announced he's starting further treatment next week that will hopefully prolong his life.