Kylie Jenner has broken social distancing rules in order to do her sister Kim Kardashian 's make-up for a TV appearance.

The beauty mogul, 22, was called upon by her elder sibling to help her get ready for a virtual appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Both sisters went against social distancing guidelines by leaving their homes and travelling to their mum Kris Jenner's house to use her "glam room".

Kris, who is also isolating, refused to let her daughters into the main house or have any contact with them.

She kept them at a distance by allowing them to use an unlocked side door to get into the glam room.

During her virtual appearance on the TV show, Kim explained she needed to break the rules in order to look good for her chat show stint.

Kylie Jenner stepped in as a member of Kim Kardashian's glam squad amid the coronavirus outbreak

She said: "Kylie did my make-up and my hair. I don't have anyone to do it and I'm not that good, so she, like, did all my make-up".

"She did it from my mom's glam room, so it was easy for us both.

"That's the first time I've seen Kylie, 'cause the whole family is distancing...

"We haven't even seen each other at all. So I snuck out and I am at my mom's house in her glam room, 'cause there's a door from the outside, so this is all she will let us in.

Kim revealed her youngest sister did her make-up for the stint on the nightly talk show
Kim had to sneak out to be able to get her make-up done by her sister

"And I had to get away from my kids".

Kylie is known for her incredible make-up skills, and her business, Kylie Cosmetics, is recognised as one of the most successful make-up brands in the world.

Despite the fact that Kim also a successful cosmetics brand KKW Beauty, which she launched back in 2017, the reality TV sensation admitted she is pretty much useless at applying make-up herself.

Kylie and Kim enjoyed their brief reunion

During the interview, Kim said she's been keeping her kids busy at home by building forts all around the house.

She explained: "Every room in the house is like a different fort."

Kim is mum to North, six, and Chicago, two, and sons Saint, four, and Psalm, 10 months with her husband Kanye West.

Both Kim and Kylie are recognised as huge makeup moguls

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The reality TV star also admitted she's also seen her mum Kris - but only from a distance.

She added: "We just went in our backyard.

"I just want you guys to be encouraged that social distancing is definitely the way to go and what is really going to make a difference here to get over this curve.”