Kim Kardashian has shed some light on the reasons behind her heartbreaking split from Kanye West.

The mum was grilled on her marital breakdown by Andy Cohen during the no-holds barred Keeping Up With the Kardashians reunion.

But as Cohen probed Kim about exactly why she decided to file for divorce from Kanye in January, the Skims mogul suggested her feelings were still too raw to share with fans.

"I honestly don't think I would even say it here on TV," she began.

"But it was not one specific thing on either part.

"It was a general difference of opinion on a few things that led to this decision."

During the Keeping Up With the Kardashian reunion, Kim looked tense as she was asked about her marriage breakdown

Kim went on: "We have an amazing co-parenting relationship and I respect him so much.

"I think we'll have... that was my friend first, first and foremost."

The 40-year-old star went on to say that everything about her marriage to Kanye had been 'real' and they 'truly loved each other.'

"In no way would I want someone to think that I didn't give it my all, or not really try. You know, we have four kids. There's nothing that I think parents would want more than to see, or even kids want more, than to see their parents together. I grew up and I lived that myself," she explained.

The star said she tried everything to make her marriage to the rapper work

In the final episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim was seen seeking therapy for her heartbreak as she opened up to her momager Kris about her 'lonely' marriage.

In the scenes filmed in October, three months before she filed for divorce, Kim laid bare the reasons for her marital crisis.

"I just want total happiness," she began.

"I just feel like I've worked so hard in life to achieve everything that I've wanted to and I've lived up to my expectations and achieved 10 times more than what I thought was humanly possibly, but I don't have a life to share that with."

Kim said everything about her marriage to Kanye had been 'real' and they truly loved each other

Kim admitted that while she was married and shared four children with Kanye, they had grown apart and were living in entirely different States.

Talking through her problem, Kim went on: "I just going to sit here and think, 'OK my kids fulfill me and I'm good?' I never thought I was lonely. I just thought that was totally fine, I can just have my kids."

She continued: "My husband moves from state to state. I'm just on this ride with him and I was OK with that.

"And then after turning 40 this year, I realised like no, I don't want a husband that lives in a completely different state."

The final episode of KUWTK saw Kim address her third divorce

The milioniare businesswoman that while she is privileged in many ways she felt she was missing out on the little joys in life by not having anyone to share things with.

"I want someone that we have the same shows in common. I want someone that wants to work out with me," she explained.

"It's the little things is what I don't have. I have all the big things. I have the extravagant everything you could possibly imagine and no one will ever do it like that. I'm grateful for those experiences but I think I'm ready for the small experiences that will mean a lot."