Panic buying has already started in Kilmarnock shops as fresh lockdown rules are put in place.

Tesco Extra in the town had a low supply of toilet rolls yesterday evening - but not limits have been put in place yet for shoppers at the West Shaw Street store.

Before the national lockdown was announced in March loo rolls, hand wash, cleaning products and pasta were in short supply after shoppers stocked up on essentials.

One supermarket that has placed limitations on what customers can buy is Morrisons.

The town's West Langlands Street store announced that restrictions are being place on 17 items from today.

Restricted Morrisons items

Low stock levels have been reported by a number of shoppers in the area already.

One customer said: "Well done to Morrisons. Went into Asda yesterday and turned into the aisle with toilet paper. Three quarters of the shelves were empty. I only wanted one pack with my weekly shop. Can't understand some people."

Another shopper commented: "No need for people to bulk buy. Leave some for other customers."

It comes in the same week that Morrisons changed its rules to halt the spread of coronavirus.

The Kilmarnock store has reintroduced its outdoor and indoor queuing system with customer numbers being monitored.

The West Langlands Street store has also reminded customers to adhere to social distancing rules.

New Morrisons rules

All Morrison's stores will be reinstating their indoor and outdoor queuing system.

A front-of-store host will monitor customer numbers and manage the queue outside.

There will be queuing arches and marshals to help guide customers to the correct queue for trolleys or baskets as well as getting customers quickly and safely through checkouts.

The supermarket is also asking customers to take extra care at this time to look out for social-distancing floor stickers when queuing.