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Killing Eve’s Jodie Comer claims that Villanelle ‘will cause her own demise’ when BBC thriller returns for season 4

JODIE Comer has warned fans a happily ever after isn't on the cards for her Killing Eve alter-ego Villanelle.

While audiences still face a long wait for a fourth season of the BBC thriller, the show's cast are already pondering what will become of their characters - and suffice to say they paint a bleak picture.

When season 3 wrapped earlier this year the ending was tentatively optimistic, with Eve (Sandra Oh) and Villanelle seemingly choosing a life together during a poignant meeting on London's Tower Bridge.

However, with Eve's marriage to Nico in tatters after a botched assasination attempt and Villanelle desperate to quit The Twelve, it's safe to say the pair went through their own ordeals in the lead up to the poignant moment.

Speaking to W Magazine, Comer predicted that Villannelle would prove to be her own undoing in the episodes to come.

"It’s tricky for me because I feel like Villanelle’s own worst enemy is herself - and I just don’t know how you ever get away from that," she said.

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"Thinking about the person she is, I feel like she’s going to be the cause of her own demise in many ways, so we will see," she added.

Nonetheless, she conceded that Villanelle had undergone some major personal growth since meeting Eve.

"We see a very different side to her in season 3, so I’m hoping and looking forward to how the writers keep what we love about Villanelle but also find new ways of exploring certain things, like her interactions with Eve," she went on.

"I think there was a big shift in season 3, so I think that definitely has to continue in some way going forward."

Comer revealed that the show's writers were already working on ideas for storylines but were yet to determine how season 4 would start and whether there would be a time jump.

She also stressed that there was no talk of a release date anytime soon, given that filming hasn't even started.

Meanwhile Carolyn actress Fiona Shaw revealed she wants to play a ‘stylish and glamorous’ female Bond after the BBC thriller wraps.

Killing Eve seasons 1-3 are available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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