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Killing Eve’s Fiona Shaw left ‘very disturbed’ by Carolyn’s first kill in season 3 finale’s revenge twist

KILLING Eve's Fiona Shaw was left feeling 'very disturbed' by Carolyn's first kill in the season 3 finale.

Her character Carolyn Martens committed her first murder when she shot her new boss Paul Bradwell, who turned out to be one of The Twelve.

The steely head of MI6 Russia desk was uncharacteristically vulnerable throughout season 3 and she has lost her son Kenny (Sean Delaney) and is being pressured by her daughter to talk about how she is feeling.

The actress described how taken aback she was with Carolyn's killing, saying she had never thought of her as a killer.

She told "I don’t believe Carolyn ever killed anyone, sure, the MI6 agent has overseen and perhaps witnessed killings as part of her job, but the actress thought it would be “a long time” before we’d see her character take a life.

“I was very disturbed by it, because I really didn’t think of Carolyn as a killer. I hope the audience didn’t either.”

Fearing for his life, Konstantin explained to the head spy that he was warning Kenny to keep well away from The Twelve’s business to protect himself.

Scared by the chilling message, Kenny took a step back and accidentally fell off the roof and tumbled to his death.

Carolyn does something she had never done before and pulled the trigger, but shockingly killed Paul instead of Konstantin, as a stunned Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh) and Villanelle watched on.

The former Harry Potter star also opened up on when she found out Kenny was going to be killed while also admitting that someone important had to make their exit in the show's third series.

She revealed: "Yeah. Someone broke it to me, and then they had to break it to Kenny, which I think was a much harder thing to do, because we all adored Sean.

"And Sean had enjoyed very much his seasons, but I think the killing of him from Carolyn’s point of view was catastrophic, because there was a hint of her protection of him in last season where Konstantin had said, “You don’t seem to show much.” And she said, “No, I’m very careful.”

And I think that she was careful about how she appeared to love Kenny, lest somebody … I always thought he’d get kidnapped. That’s what I thought, I bet Kenny would get kidnapped. But it was worse than that. Much worse."

Killing Eve's Villanelle hesitates for the first time as she kills a politician

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