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Khloe Kardashian & Tristan Thompson ripped for claiming they want to ‘give True, 3, a sibling’ when he already has a son

KHLOE Kardashian and her baby daddy Tristan Thompson are receiving backlash for openly trying to "give True a sibling" when she already has a half-brother, Prince.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashian's stars have been discussing surrogacy as an option for their next baby after doctors deemed her "high risk."

Khloe, 36, and Tristan, 30, have faced criticism from their followers who find it "disgusting" that the couple doesn't regard his son Prince, four, as True's sibling.

The Boston Celtics player shares his toddler with model Jordan Craig, though rarely speaks about the child on air.

After the most recent episode of the E! show on Thursday, fans flocked to Twitter to share their complaints over the parent's disregard.

"Watching Khloe & Tristan talk about 'giving True a sibling' like his first son doesn’t exist is so disgusting," one ranted.

"Why do they keep saying 'give true a sibling' like Tristan does not have an older son? Khloe certainly deserves him- dumb and dumber lmao," another laughed.

"Why do Khloe and Tristan keep saying they want True to have a sibling close in age when she already has a brother...#kuwtk," a third asked.

A fourth highlighted the family's exclusive nature, writing: "Correction they want another Kardash baby they don’t recognize the King baby."

The couple has been in the process of discussing their baby options as they move towards another pregnancy, though the process has most likely been delayed due to the basketball player's recent cheating scandal.

Earlier in the season, Khloe and Tristan created embryos together after learning that the reality star was “high risk" for a second baby.

The TV personality has struggled with the decision of using a surrogate, after realizing the "intense” protocols that would have to take place in order to use one.

Khloe eventually decided that a surrogate would be their safest option, and spoke to her baby daddy about the choice.

"It's just releasing so much control. First it was being told, okay I would not be able to carry - that took a minute to process, cool. 

“I've accepted that. Now I'm in phase two: Find a surrogate. I can't think too far ahead, because this is where I am for phase two," she explained.

“I do think this is the right choice for us, but I'm not going to be rushed into it, I'm not gonna force it."

Though the Good American founder said she hoped to find a surrogate by the end of the year, Tristan seemed hesitant and claimed he wanted them to "take their time" with the process.

Khloe recently opened up about her fears of using someone else to carry her child, as she told the show producers: "I'm definitely getting freaked out I think as the questions go by just because I, of course, I know it's her body, my baby, but I really did not put two and two together that that means she has the control whether she would want to, you know, terminate the twin.

"Me not having control over that outcome, makes me very nervous. I mean, I know it's her body but I still didn't know it was really her choice and that might be really naive to say but I mean this is a big eye opener.

"I'm definitely second-guessing a couple things. It's just a little intense this whole Zoom call," she confessed.

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