A KFC customer who alongside his partner was subjected to vile homophobic abuse by a worker has said it was like a "shot to the heart".

Shocking footage has emerged of the worker - who has since been sacked - hurling sickening abuse to couple Lee Walls and Joshua Garner as they arrived at a drive-thru to pick up their food.

The staff member, identified as Payton Burke, can be heard calling Lee a "f***ing queer" and a "f*g" in the video filmed by the couple.

Lee was picking up their order through the DoorDash app at the drive-thru in Illinois, US, when the worker launched the sickening tirade, the Daily Star reports.

The video shows how Burke launched the verbal assault at the couple as they arrived at the window of the drive-thru.

KFC staff
Sickening footage shows a KFC worker launching vile homophobic abuse at a couple who were picking up their food

After a heated exchange, Mr Burke repeatedly calls Lee a "f***ing queer".

Joshua steps in and tells him: "You can't do that."

But the KFC employee responds with: "I don't give a f*** if y'all are gay or not."

KFC drive-thru
The couple recorded the footage as they were subjected to the abuse while picking up their order in Illinois, US

But the worker's homophobic attack continues when Joshua threatens to send the recording to his bosses.

"You’re going to lose your job I hope you know that," the customer says.

The footage shows Burke replying: "F*** the video, f*g."

Illinois drive-thru
The KFC worker has been sacked and the global fast-food chain has apologised

Then another employee is pictured walking over to the booth, closing the window and sending their colleague away while the customer demands to see their ID.

Lee appears to call the police to report the incident.

Speaking to WAND, Joshua said he and his partner have been left shaken by the nasty encounter and he hopes Burke and all other staff involved in the incident lose their jobs.

"It was like a shot to the heart, like a bullet to the heart," he said. "It was like we couldn’t say anything."

KFC confirmed Burke has been given the boot and the franchisee of the store has personally apologised to the couple.