A KFC customer had her stomach lining burnt after she was accidentally allegedly given disinfectant to drink instead of water, according to reports.

A woman, whose surname is Du, asked a member of staff at the restaurant in Suzhou in eastern China for a cup of iced water on March 29.

She said she noticed the taste of disinfectant after taking a sip.

Unsure of whether it was her imagination or not, Du took another drink and instantly felt pain in her stomach, she claims.

Du asked her friend Chen to smell the drink but couldn't detect anything unusual, so she also had a sip and confirmed the unusual taste, the Global Times reported.

The staff member then admitted the drink they had been given had been accidentally mixed with disinfectant, Du said.

Du said she was given the drink at a KFC in Suhou
Du said she was given the drink at a KFC in Suhou

She went to hospital after feeling pain in her throat and stomach as well as unsettling cramps.

Doctors diagnosed her with acute erosive gastritis, a condition in which acid rips through the stomach lining causing bleeding and stomach ulcers.

The KFC initially offered to pay CNY 1,500 (£167) for the victim's medical treatment, but Du wants them to compensate her for lost salary and costs during her period of sick leave.

Reports said the restaurant tried to get Du to sign a non-disclosure agreement to stop her from posting about the incident on social media.

Global Times said Du was angered by the reaction and decided to report the KFC branch to the media company Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation.

News of the alleged drink mix-up enraged people on Chinese social media platform Weibo.

One user wrote: "What is 15,000 yuan for? The pain will last a lifetime if her stomach is damaged."

KFC has been contacted for comment.