This morning "Carrot Fever" swept the nation, as people queued up three hours early to make sure they got hold of one of Aldi's Kevin the Carrot plush toys.

It's safe to say things got out of hand at some stores - with pushing, shoving, reports of fighting and even "trolleys used as weapons" according to frazzled shoppers.

But the biggest disappointment was that - in many cases - stores sold out of some lines in less than five minutes. Especially the new characters Russell Sprout and Tiny Tom.

But just a few hours later these hard-to-track-down festive favourites are already appearing on eBay - at more than ten times their original price.

The toys cost £3.99 each in store
The toys cost £3.99 each in store

Debbie Walsh told Mirror Money: "Lots of Kevin and his family left in my local Aldi but Russell Sprout and Tom Tomato gone in 5 mins.

"So 8.05 am sold out and on eBay by 9 selling from £60 upwards absolutely disgusting some people have no morals."

The Mirror has seen Russell Sprouts (rrp £3.99) listed for £40 on eBay - while one opportunistic seller even has theirs listed for £1,000.

To be fair - it is HUGE
To be fair - it is HUGE

Not everyone is as greedy - with others on sale with starting prices of just £3.20.

If you want both Russell Sprout and Tiny Tom, you're looking at prices of £35 up (rrp £7.98) to buy them now.

And if it's one of the giant metre-tall Kevin's (rrp £19.99) you're afer, then you're better be prepared to part with £50 or more to secure it.

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Responding to questions about the toys on Facebook , Aldi said: "We are disappointed that a small number of people are looking to profit from a good cause.

"Unfortunately, we cannot control how the toys are used after they are purchased.

"We believe there were a small number of opportunists advertising the toys ahead of time in the hope they can pick one up in store."