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Katie Price reveals she took drug tests to prove to exes Peter Andre and Kieran Hayler that she’s ‘clean’

KATIE Price has revealed she's passed all recent drug tests and has proven to ex-husbands Peter Andre and Kieran Hayler that she is clean.

Katie, 42, spoke about co-parenting her children with the two men and also revealed she's in a better place following her mental health problems.

Katie has Junior, 14, and Princess, 12, with pop star Peter, and shares six-year-old Jett and five-year-old Bunny with Kieran.

Asked how she finds looking after her kids alongside Peter, 47, and 33-year-old Kieran, Katie replied: "I'm absolutely fine with them. I've passed all my drug tests. I did a hair strand test and I got all my results and nothing was detected.

"I had to do that to prove it to myself and everyone else around me. It's a new me," she said.

Speaking about being reunited with her brood after they had been staying with their fathers, she added to new magazine: "It's been nice to have the house full again. They're homeschooling with their dads in the week and I have them at the weekends.

"Kieran has a routine with Jett and Bunny and he knows what he's doing with all the schoolwork, and then Junior and Princess are having their classes on Zoom and have all their computers set up at Pete's, so it's just easier."

Katie continued: "They sometimes come to mine after school because they're only eight minutes away, so I just drop them back later."

But Katie isn't alone when the kids are with their respective fathers, as she has her eldest son Harvey - whose dad is former footballer Dwight Yorke.

Speaking about what it's been like isolating with 17-year-old Harvey, who suffers from Prader Willis Syndrome, Katie said: "I know I'm his mum, but I'm also his carer. When he's frustrated, he's head-butted the walls.

"If he's on his iPad and an advert comes up, it makes him angry. But he's calmed down a lot during lockdown because he's at home.

"We've been doing schoolwork, but his work is slightly different. So they'll send a story for him to listen to and then I ask him questions about it afterwards. Or they'll send him a film to watch."

It's no secret that Katie has had a difficult few years, but the mum-of-five revealed she is in a much better place now.

"I'm more focused, driven and and happy," she said. "A weight has been lifted and it's all good. The best thing I ever did was go to The Priory. My spirits are completely up now."

Katie Price and Harvey dedicate song to the NHS as he performs Queen classic on the keyboard

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