Katie Price got emotional about her mental health when she appeared remotely at her bankruptcy hearing on Tuesday.

The former glamour model, 42, appeared over Skype from her luxury holiday in the Maldives as she was probed over concerns she is splashing out on expensive holidays and luxury goods - rather than paying off her debts.

But she's adamant she doesn't live a "lavish" lifestyle and she said "ninety percent" of her holidays after for business, also revealing she is seeing a therapist.

Emotional Katie apologised as she admitted she hadn't been in the "right mental state to understand everything" and "deal with these issues".

At Tuesday's hearing, she told the court: "It is a long and tense process but I feel progress is now being made.

"I can only apologise, I just haven't been able to deal with these issues or in the right mental state to understand everything that has been going on."

Katie Price and her boyfriend Carl Woods in the Maldives

Katie told the court she's seeing a therapist and she is on the "road to recovery".

She said she has appointed a new accountant to help her deal with her finances.

The mum-of-five was ordered to appear before a court after an anonymous source tipped off officials that she was living a lavish life.

She appeared at her bankruptcy hearing over Skype from the Maldives

She has enjoyed six holidays since she was declared bankrupt last November.

This includes travelling to Thailand, Spain, France, Turkey, a cabin getaway in the UK and finally a holiday in the Maldives.

In the Maldives, the former glamour model is joined by her toyboy boyfriend Carl Woods.

She said she doesn't live a 'lavish' lifestyle and 'ninety percent' of her holidays after for business

In her defence, Katie also told the court: "I appreciate I have not been easy to communicate with and hard to track down, but I have not hidden.

"I will work hard to make this right, however long this takes."

The TV star was due to be discharged from her bankruptcy in November.

She's had six holidays since she was declared bankrupt in November

In the meantime, she is supposed to pay any money she makes from selling her belongings or from paid work to her creditors.

Officials can extend her bankruptcy to recover assets and could ban her from becoming a company director for 15 years.

Katie also asked the judge to remember she was a "massive taxpayer" during the height of her career.

She told the court: "In the past, at the height of my career, I was a model and massive taxpayer."

"Sometimes in life things happen," she added.

Court proceedings have been adjourned to give Katie the chance to look over evidence.

She has been told she can appear in person or over video chat again next time.