Katie Price has said that bullies at her daughter's school mock Bunny over her fake boobs and wigs.

Appearing on Netmums' Sweat, Snot & Tears podcast, she spoke about how her children dealt with being in the spotlight.

"There was a time when I was wearing wigs, because I'm trying to grow my hair as I was getting bald patches from stress and stuff.

"I remember Bunny saying, 'Mum, some of the kids at school say, Why does your mum wear wigs? And she's got fake boobs'.

"She's only, like, seven."

Katie Price has said that bullies at her daughter's school mock Bunny (



She added: "It's a unique job that I do, so it's not a normal conversation kids would usually have with their friends.

"Jett says, 'Mum, my friends always say, why's your mum famous? What does she do?'

"They ask me these questions, where as Junior and Princess are at the age where they know everything, because they've lived and breathed it.

"But it is tough on them. What do you say? My job isn't like any other parents' out there."

Quizzed on whether she reckoned any of her children would also like to dip their toes into the showbiz industry, she said that she reckoned that her youngest two wouldn't but that Junior and Princess would.

"Jett and Bunny won't," she said. "But Junior and Princess will. Junior has just signed his record deal. His album and single are going to be out soon.

"Princess one million per cent will. She loves all her YouTube stuff and, the thing is, that is the way forward. It's so different from when I started."

During the podcast, she also declared that she hated her kids' dads.

Katie shares eldest son Harvey with ex-footballer Dwight Yorke, who she claims has never really had a relationship with his offspring.

She also shares Junior and princess with Peter Andre and Jett and Bunny with Kieran Hayler.

Katie said: "Forget it, I will stop you there. I hate the dads. The Priory no1. and The Priority no2. That’s all I’m saying.

Katie is mum to Harvey, Junior, Princess, Jett and Bunny (



"My relationship with them are non-existent.

"I’m blocked from with one of the dads, and it was always lawyers, lawyers. And now I refuse to do lawyers lawyers.

"And the other dad, I can’t bear him, but we talk for the kids. "

She added: "But I will say never ever use the kids as a pawn. Even if you hate the other parent, don’t let your kids know and just do what’s best for the kids.

"You want a happy home when they are with you and a happy home when they go to them.

"Always think of the kids, they want their mum and they want their dad. Let your kids see both parents. Never use the kids ever, even if you hate the other half."

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