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Katie Price and Carl Woods sick after ‘bad’ reaction to first Covid jab

KATIE Price and her boyfriend Carl Woods have been left bed stricken after suffering a bad reaction to their first Covid jab.

The 42-year-old had the jab over the weekend alongside her boyfriend Carl, 31, while her son Harvey, 18, had his second one.

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Fortunately Harvey, who is very high risk, suffered no ill effects after being rushed to hospital after his first one -  but the couple weren’t so lucky.

An insider revealed: “Katie and Carl went to get their first jab when Harvey had his second one.

“They are delighted that Harvey is fine this time but they both feel really terrible with a fever, nausea and fatigue.

“Both of them have had really achy arms and Katie is still struggling with the pain now.

“Katie hates having injections but realised she needed it to be able to get back to normal and go on holidays.

“She is feeling unwell at the moment and constantly sick but can’t wait for the side effects to subside.”

Katie confirmed she had been unwell to The Sun Online.

Research has shown that the jabs are safe and that most people had "mild and short lasting" side effects in line with "a normal immune response to vaccines – including a sore arm and fatigue".

A safety report published by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency found people also suffered with arm pain and fever.

The most frequently reported reactions are injection-site tenderness and pain, headaches, fatigue, joint and muscle pain, fever, chills and nausea.

In February, The Sun revealed that Harvey had been rushed to hospital after suffering a reaction to his first dose of the Oxford/ AstraZeneca jab.

Sources close to the family told us at the time that Harvey was "shaking uncontrollably" - with his temperature shooting up to 39.9 degrees the day after the injection.

Doctors at the hospital confirmed that the illness was down to the life-saving vaccine after examining Harvey.

Katie later urged everybody to get the vaccine and not let Harvey's experience put them off.

She told The Sun: "I am in awe of the NHS - they are amazing, without them Harvey would not be here today.

"I don't want anyone worrying about him as he’s fine now at home eating carrot cake. Despite Harvey's reaction, he is one of a kind, the Covid jab is so important especially for those in high risk categories.

"I am so much happier in the knowledge Harvey is safer now he has had his."

Call to arms - how MPs, celebs and big businesses backed our campaign

A HOST of celebs and politicians threw their weight behind Jabs Army as they praised kind-hearted Sun readers who signed up.

Their calls were led by Boris Johnson, who begged for volunteers to help 'return the country to normal life'.

The PM wrote personally to our readers, saying: "The Sun’s Jabs Army campaign is a brilliant example of the power of collective action.

"It has already inspired companies and workplaces up and down the country to join the call to arms.

"So today, I call on everyone who has the time to join the legions of volunteers already signed up and to boost volunteer numbers further still."

Jeremy Clarkson urged Brits to get off the sofa and sign up to beat the lockdown blues.

He said: “Everyone is saying how bored they are. They’ve watched Netflix, gone through everything on the internet, read Google.

“Well let’s not be bored — let’s get off our bottoms and volunteer.”

His call was backed by a string of other celebs - including the Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson, who hailed our campaign as “fantastic”.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock saluted Jabs Army as he addressed the nation in a No10 press briefing.

He said: "Come and be a part of it. The Sun’s Jabs Army is marching and helping the nation.”

Former GMB host Piers Morgan branded the campaign as "excellent".

While celebrities like Bear Grylls, Gordon Ramsay and Bake Off's Matt Lucas have also thrown their support behind the campaign.

She later added on social media: "The doctors and nurses were fantastic so I can't wait to still have my Covid injection and I still recommend everyone else have it and Harvey is safe and well."

Harvey was born with a series of disabilities, including ADHD, autism, genetic condition Prader-Willi Syndrome and septo-optic dysplasia, which causes blindness.

He qualified for the vaccine as a vulnerable individual and was immunised in the fourth stage of the government roll-out of the jab.

Katie Price looks terrified as she ‘finally’ has her first coronavirus vaccine jab despite fear of needles

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