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Kate Lawler says ‘I can’t take anymore’ as she takes newborn Noa back to hospital after a ‘rough 24 hours’


KATE Lawler said "I can't take anymore" as she took newborn daughter Noa to hospital after a "rough 24 hours".

It was the third time in three weeks the pair had been in hospital, with the latest coming after Noa's temperature went above 38 degrees.

Sharing the news on Instagram, Kate wrote: "I'm exhausted and I just want to go home. Poor Noa has had a rough 24 hours but is on the mend and in 48 hours we'll know for sure everything is okay."

The Virgin Radio DJ, 40, said it is likely Noa has a viral infection and that she has responded well to antibiotics.

They stayed overnight, and Noa's heart rate and oxygen levels returned to normal today.

She continued: "The paediatric team, doctors, and nurses yet again took great care of Noa and I can't thank them enough.

"I'd love to be enjoying this newborn 'bubble' as everyone calls it but not sure how much more I can take.

"Noa has been so unlucky these first three weeks of her life but hopefully this is the last of our trips to A&E."

Kate then shared a picture of the pair ready to return home this evening.

Noa's previous hospital visit was due to a condition called paronychia - an inflammation of the skin.

Kate told fans: "It's an infection of the finger and it's being treated with antibiotics via the cannula.

"She slept well from 4am, she looks healthy so hopefully it's a sign she's responding well."

While prior to that the tot had difficulty breathing and was seen in the neonatal intensive care unit.

Kate Lawler fights back tears as she praises newborn daughter Noa's bravery as she remains in hospital on antibiotics

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