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Kate Garraway ‘screamed at’ by producers over ’embarrassing’ error on Good Morning Britain – but turned out to be right

KATE Garraway was "screamed at" by producers over an "embarrassing" error on Good Morning Britain - but she turned out to be right.

The 54-year-old was attempting to guess which vegetable Andi Peters was holding when she suggested where people live determines whether they call it a turnip or a swede.

Kate asked: "Is that one of those things that some places call it swede, some places call it turnip?"

She then heard a booming voice through her earpiece from the studio gallery.

Kate then added: "Oh apparently not. It's not.

"I love it when I ask a question genuinely and you just get screaming in your ear, 'no, you're wrong again Kate, wrong again'.

"Can I just point out that the most qualified and cleverest person in this studio, Laura Tobin, was shouting out they were peaches."

Later in the programme, Kate read out messages of support from viewers who pointed out she was actually correct.

Kate said: "Can I just say thank you at home for flooding in on social media your support for me over the turnip/swede debate.

"Apparently I was right, it does change depending on where you are in the country."Someone on Twitter said 'you are absolutely right, Kate. Do not let your producer bully you.'

"I may have added that bit..

"Others saying 'you're not', I love this. It's not often I hear that.

"Who knew I knew so much about vegetables."

In Ireland, the chunky, purple and orange root vegetables are commonly known as turnips, and in Scotland too where they're also known as neeps.

But that's known as a swede in England - and in the US and in France they are known as rutabaga.

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