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Kate branded the ‘boring one’ by vicious TV host who compares her to FLOTUS Melania Trump

Speaking on Tuesday’s instalment of The Wendy Show, Wendy propelled into a rant where she compared the two couples. It came as the Duchess appeared to move away from William when he affectionately touched her shoulder during the BBC’s ‘A Berry Royal Christmas’. The TV host compared Kate’s response to her husband’s touch to Melania recoiling from Trump.

Wendy told viewers: “Kate shrugged William like Melania shrugged President Trump."

She also claimed the royal couple were “pushed together”.

The host added: “You are allowed to show public display of affection. All these couples are pushed together.”

Wendy then gave a stark comparison, gushing over "genuine couple" Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex.

Kate was compared to Melania Trump

Kate was compared to Melania Trump (Image: Getty Images)

Wendy made the comparison on her TV show

Wendy made the comparison on her TV show (Image: The Wendy Show)

She said: “To me it's the only genuine royal couple to fall in love like the rest of us.”

The TV presenter insisted on producers replaying the moment between Kate and William over and over again, provoking a reaction from the audience.

Wendy said: “So apparently they're doing some sort of press.

“Kate, no Meghan, no Kate rather, the boring one, appeared to shrug him off.

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Wendy also called Kate 'boring'

Wendy also called Kate 'boring' (Image: The Wendy Show)

"Is that a shrug off? I thought it was a shrug off.”

She added: “Normally when someone touches you, you lean into them or touch them back.

"Clap if you think that was a shrug off. OK. They are boring to me."

The claims were made on Wendy’s TV show, which last season got an average of 1.6 million viewers per day.


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Wendy claimed Kate avoided William's touch like Melania did Donald

Wendy claimed Kate avoided William's touch like Melania did Donald (Image: Getty Images)

Wendy also gushed over Harry and Meghan

Wendy also gushed over Harry and Meghan (Image: The Wendy Show)

Her programme is primarily watched by women between the age of 25 and 54.

She captioned the video: “Kate Middleton gave off awkward body language toward Prince William when she shrugged his hand away during a recent appearance on a BBC special, ‘A Berry Royal Christmas’.”

“Is their trouble in the paradise? Get all of the details in today's Hot Topics.”

Many people responded to the video defending the royals.

Debbie Featherbe commented: “You clearly know nothing about William and Kate.

“They weren't ‘put together’ - they met at university.”

Many defended the royals on Twitter

Many defended the couple on Twitter (Image: Getty Images)

April replied: “Wendy, when did you become so damn mean?

“Had to quit watching your show. You are vicious!”

One Twitter user said: “Shut your mouth!”

Another claimed Kate was simply “scooting back for cameras”.

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