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Kamala Harris’ Vice-Presidential home inspired by Royal Family in major nod to Queen

Kamala Harris gets second dose of coronavirus vaccine

Vice Presidents and their spouses live in the 33-room Washington house, designed by architect Leon E. Dessez and built in 1893. Charles Denyer, American historian, detailed the history of the Number One Observatory Circle in his 2017 book named after the house.

The Number One Observatory Circle features a turret roof which is a staple feature of Queen Anne-style buildings.

Concrete columns at either side of the porch decorate the exterior, with green shutters bordering the windows.

It cost $20,000 to construct in 1893, equivalent to $578,831.11 today.

The house also holds approximately 9,150 square feet of living space.

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Kamala Harris news:

Kamala Harris news: The Vice President will move into a home inspired by the Royal Family (Image: GETTY)

Kamala Harris news:

Kamala Harris news: The Number One Observatory Circle was based off of Queen Anne-style homes (Image: GETTY)

After the Number One Observatory Circle was built, it became the house for the chief of naval operations in 1929.

In 1974, the Queen Anne-style home was designated the official residence of the Vice President.

The first Second Family to live at the residence was Walter and Joan Mondale, who only moved into the home in 1977.

All former Vice Presidents have added their own personal touch to the house, including Dan Quayle adding an exercise room and swimming pool praised by Joe Biden.

Kamala Harris news:

Kamala Harris news: The home was built in 1893, and was gifted to the Vice President in 1974 (Image: GETTY)

Kamala Harris news:

Kamala Harris news: The VP will live in Number One Observatory Circle with Doug Emhoff (Image: GETTY)

It comes as Howard Hodgson, royal author and commentator, suggested Ms Harris could partner with Meghan Markle through mutual connections.

He said to “These two women strike me as very similar and could become best buddies until they fall out.

“There may be more American trouble ahead for the Royal Family."

He also suggested Majorie Witter Norman, the Duchess’ attorney, could introduce Meghan to Ms Harris through Mr Emhoff, former managing director of law firm Venable LLP.

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Kamala Harris news:

Kamala Harris news: The Vice President has previously been praised by Meghan Markle because of 'representation' (Image: EXPRESS)

Kamala Harris news:

Kamala Harris news: Howard Hodgson suggested the Duchess and Vice President could become 'best buddies' (Image: QUEEN'S COMMONWEALTH TRUST)

The Duchess praised Ms Harris ahead of the US election, but stopped short of explicitly endorsing her.

In an interview with activist Gloria Steinem, Meghan said when asked about Ms Harris she was “so excited to see that kind of representation”.

She added: “For me, being biracial, growing up, whether it was a doll or a person in office, you need to see someone who looks like you in some capacity.”

Ms Harris has also expressed her admiration for the Duchess, responding to Meghan’s 2020 post about racism: “Thank you, Meghan, for this powerful statement.”

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