James Bulger's killer will not be released from prison early because his parole board hearing has been delayed due to the coronavirus crisis, it has been reported.

Jon Venables had been due to meet parole chiefs within weeks but the meeting has now been delayed due to the outbreak, according to reports.

Venables, now 38, was reportedly left furious by the decision and does not know when he will next be up for parole.

A source is reported to have told The Sun: “Jon was convinced he’d be getting out soon and had been boasting about it around the prison.

“Now he’s been told there’s no way he is going anywhere for a long time.

James Bulger, two, was abducted from a shopping centre in Bootle, Merseyside

“He was really angry. But no one has any sympathy.”

Probation officials have been forced to cut down work in a bid to control the spread of the virus

This has resulted in thousands of cases being delayed or cancelled.

Ralph Bulger believes Venables will kill another child

Jon Venables and Robert Thompson killed two-year-old James Bulger in 1993 when they were both just 10.

They served eight years in secure juvenile detention before being released on licence with lifelong anonymity

But Venables was put back in jail for having images of child sexual abuse.

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In an exclusive interview with the Mirror, James’s dad Ralph Bulger, 53, said: “He went on to commit more crimes against children.

"I don’t believe he will stop until he has killed again."

The parole board has been contacted for comment.