UFC star Jon Jones has admitted he needs to work on his 'unhealthy relationship with alcohol' in his first statement issued following his DUI arrest.

The UFC light-heavyweight champion was taken into custody in Alberquerque, New Mexico last Thursday morning on charges related to drink driving and misuse of a firearm.

Jones was reportedly found 'drunk' behind the wheel of a Jeep after officers were alerted to the area by the sound of gunshots.

The 32-year-old denied firing a weapon which was subsequently found at the scene - along with a half-empty bottle of tequila - and has since issued a statement.

Jon Jones was arrested on Thursday for charges including drink-driving
Jon Jones was arrested on Thursday for charges including drink-driving

Jones said: "While we all work to understand and cope with stress and uncertainties surrounding the current state of our world, I want to express how truly disappointed I am that I have become the source of a negative headline again, especially during these trying times.

"I am disappointed for letting down the people I care about the most, my family, friends and my fans.

Jones expressed his disappointment over his actions
Jones expressed his disappointment over his actions

"This morning I entered into a plea deal with the Albuquerque DA's office.

"I accept full responsibility for my actions, and I know that I have some personal work to do, which involves the unhealthy relationship I have with alcohol."

MMA Junkie report that Jones will avoid jail time as a result of striking a deal with the Albuquerque office.

They add that he will now undergo 96 hours of community custody (house arrest), one year of supervised probation, a minimum 90 days of outpatient therapy, and 48 hours community service.

The incident was the latest brush with controversy for Jones, who has been banned by UFC no fewer than three times.

His first suspension was a result of connections with a hit-and-run incident, before spending two further spells out of action over failed drugs tests.