Two Covid U-turns in a day show that this is a Government thrashing around rather than displaying clear thinking.

Today it ditched plans for an “amber watchlist” for travellers and shortened contact times which trigger the mobile phone app.

During this pandemic there has been no problem that Boris Johnson’s incompetence and inconsistency have not made worse.

That includes foreign travel, and the value of the traffic light system was supposed to be simplicity and certainty.

Instead travellers and the travel industry have endured constant changes and the planned introduction of a sixth category would have only added to their confusion.

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So the Prime Minister must stop playing his silly games and let double-jabbed families go on summer holidays without worrying.

Delayed revisions to pingdemic notifications won’t have stopped hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, disabling or deleting the app.

The PM’s defence of the chaotic travel scheme showed he lives in another world, which is why Chancellor Rishi Sunak is challenging him – scenting a leadership battle.

Cabinet Ministers playing games is a diversion when Britain deserves a safe travel system that is fair to families – which we don’t have.

Power struggle

Guaranteed lowest gas and electricity prices for all households remains a dream when it should be a legal right.

Energy regulator Ofgem requires a fresh political direction, which alas it will never receive from a Tory government representing the interests of corporations over consumers.

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Competition to cut costs is beneficial as long as it doesn’t jeopardise suppliers, safety or decent wages and conditions for workers.

Competition to charge higher prices is bad.

Welsh wonder

The travel bills will be cheaper than flying to Australia and it was good TV last time.

So we look forward to watching Ant and Dec host I’m a Celebrity, Get me into Wales.