An NHS worker was called an ‘a***-wiper’ after confronting neighbours for flouting social-distancing rules by taking part in a group jog.

Lisa Anderson said the joggers showed utter disdain for NHS staff when they decided to take part in a communal 10-lap run around her block on Sunday, April 5 –  despite having never done so ‘in the 15 months’ she had lived in Conwy, north Wales.

The associate practitioner, who works on a ‘Covid-19 positive ward’, went over to remind them it was against the government’s lockdown advice, but said she was given the short shrift and told she was just a glorified ‘a***-wiper’.

She has now branded her neighbours ‘hypocrites’ after many of them took part in last week’s Clap for Carers event.

Lisa wrote on Facebook: ‘Tonight, respect for the NHS got a big “f you” from my neighbourhood.



‘Never in the 15 months I’ve lived here, have I witnessed multiple of my neighbours doing a mass 10 laps around the block.

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‘However, when I confronted them about the fact that this was against official government advice, and the fact of the horrors I see from Covid 19, I was told the following… “I’m not a nurse, I’m an a*** wiper, and I should have moved out by now”. So thanks for the community spirit and the round of applause every week you f****** hypocrites.’

The mum now plans to knock on everybody’s door to give them a debrief of the coronavirus situation and the toll it has taken on NHS workers.

She continued: ‘While I’m out risking my life on a Covid-19 positive ward, you all think it’s funny and now is the appropriate time to take up “community exercise” while I’ve watched you all pop to each others houses all day.

‘So I’d like to know…are you going to come and feed my children, if/when I’m dead?



‘Are you all going to invest in their future like I will? Or are you going to stand by my grave and have the f****** guts then to call me a f****** a*** wiper?

‘It’s because of people like you, that I’m seeing what I see every time I go to work. It’s because of people like you, that the nation needs officially locking down, because this all seems to be a joke.

‘If only you all knew the true horrors of this virus. One patient told me “it’s like the devil is in me”.

‘So, to all my neighbours that have viciously attacked me tonight, for pulling them up on their new found community exercise. God help you if you ever get it. I pray you never need a “nurse or an a*** wiper”.

One read: ‘I’m pretty sure they will change their tune when they’re admitted to hospital and you’re the one keeping them alive.’

Another said the Government should ban exercise as people were ‘taking the p***’ and going on ‘several strolls a day for their newfound love of the outdoors’.


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